Vein Matching

Our goal is to provide seamless vein matching whenever possible by using the latest technology to layout slabs to match backsplash veins, seams and waterfalls. However, it is not always possible to perfectly match every vein on every seam. This is due to limiting factors such as slab layout restrictions, unpredictable or inconsistent slab veining/designs, material thickness which overlaps with the stone (such as backsplash) and more. Due to these factors, vein matching will not always be perfect every time. Western Artisan works closely with customers and designers to match the seams as best as possible and give priority to the most visible areas and bring the imperfect veins to the customers attention before cutting. Bellow are some examples of vein matching that you can expect, that meets industry standard.

Below are some examples of industry standard countertops taken from suppliers catalogs.