Western Artisan Remnant Policy

It is Western Artisan’s policy that stone remnants are not returned to the homeowner after countertop installation. There are several reasons for this policy, primarily, for the safety of the homeowner and the liability to Western Artisan. Stone slabs are sold to and handled by trained professionals. Because of the size and weight of the materials, they pose a serious risk to injury if not stored and handled properly.

Additionally, Western Artisan is purchasing the slabs from the dealer in order to complete the countertop project, not the homeowner or contractor. When countertops are purchased from Western Artisan, the customer is paying for the finished product, the installed countertops. (when you purchase cabinets, the cabinet maker is not required to supply the homeowner with the leftover plywood)

At Western Artisan, customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. We are always willing to work with a homeowner. Upon request, we can hold a remnant leftover from their project for 30 days. After that, we cannot guarantee that the same remnant will be available, but the homeowner may select any remnant from our yard at no additional charge, so long as we can locate their original job in our system.